Standing out amongst the others, is good

We offer SEO services to new websites and already existing websites for website owners in the Selby and North Yorkshire areas. SEO services can be difficult to grasp in a lot of instances but we believe we have nailed it;

Having a website online is like having a flyer at an event. There are hundreds of flyers and each one is competing for the attention of passers by, trying to catch their interest...
SEO makes your flyer stand out above the rest

Search Engine Optimisation is currently a heavily discussed topic with lots of discussion centering on how to measure ROI for SEO; we believe that SEO is an investment and a measurable one at that which is why we offer SEO reporting so that our customers can see how much better their website is working for them.

Let us know what you want your website to appear in search results for and we will get started immediately, offering measurable return on investment within 3 months.


10%/ campaign

minimum of £25 / month

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  • PPC set up
  • AdWords management
  • Keyword optimisation
  • Monthly reporting
  • Professional AdWords management for a fee of 10% of your budget, our minimum fee is £25.00 / campaign / month.
    Optimise the efficiency of your paid adverts through the Google Network.

Local Marketing:


or £50 deposit & £15/month*

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  • Google Account setup
  • Analytics setup
  • Search Console setup
  • GoogleMyBusiness setup
  • Sitemap setup
  • Directory submission
  • Launch your Search Engine Optimisation journey with our team implementing some technical SEO, listing your company officially within Google's directories ensuring your entire website is added to their search database, and setting up all of the performance monitoring tools you'll need to track your progress


£400/ month


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£600/ month


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* billed at £15.32/month for 12 months via Direct Debit - the interest on this payment plan is 17.5% over the payment term

AdWords Management: Pay Per Click

AdWords (also known as PPC or Pay Per Click) is the trading name used by Google for their paid adverts.
A website (or a even telephone number) can be accessed through Google's paid advertising campaigns when a user clicks the link on the search results. The charge is not set in stone for most campaigns, it floats on a live market and is impacted by many aspects including the popularity of the search term or phrase, and even the quality of the advert itself.

At WEBFROG we manage your campaigns whether they are built into Google's engine 'AdWords' or Microsoft Bing's - we have worked heavily with both paid avert approaches successfully.

Our charge is based on the sum you are committing to your campaign or campaigns, we charge a monthly fee of 10% of the sum that you set as your monthly paid advert budget, our minimum fee is £25/campaign.

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Local Marketing: Getting your business online

Websites are representational online instances of a business or person - in the vast library of websites worldwide (1.74 billion as of January 2020 - an increase of 40 million since January 2019) it is imperative that yours stands out.

Getting noticed can be difficult, especially for the beginner, but being recognised as a local instance is something that we can help you to get started with.
Take the Google search instances for example, the results typically show a small selection of local results on the maps section - we can apply the steps that will ultimately lead to putting your business right there for those searches conducted in the vicinity you cover.
What is more, we will also set you up with a monitoring facility so that you can check in and review the progress yourself, see what is bringing people to your website, what they do once there, and give you the insight into what changes you can make to better outfit your users with the information they may be seeking.

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SEO Lite

It is all about the organic approach. Paying to appear in search results is the fast way to achieve results (visitors to your website). Those adverts cost money with each click and can soon drain a budget. Suppose the adverts funding purse closes: what then?

We have provided organic marketing services (SEO or Search Engine Optimisation) for many years and have experienced hundreds of changes to Google's algorithms that carefully assess all of a website's data and decide which order of importance the resulting websites should be displayed in - our experience and successes empower our teams to take your website from the depths of invisibility and pull it to the front page of those search results.

Our service starts with a full appraisal of your existing online presence and continues with in-depth discussions with you to ensure we all have the same targets on the same page, once there we apply our digital marketing campaign to your online presence, reporting on progress monthly to keep you in the loop and up to speed.

Results are typically achieved inside of the first 12 weeks, attaining page 1 position for your search terms and phrase can take longer in heavily competed markets. Once organic digital marketing results are yielded they can be maintained with continuation of SEO or left to rest where they will slowly decline.

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SEO Plus

As above, SEO Plus offers everything that an SEO Campaign brings whilst also offering social media optimisation in which our teams monitor and optimise your social media coverage. Posting frequently to audiences online enhances the site-based SEO work that is already underway. As well as taking the reigns of your social media presence our SEO Plus package offers unlimited updates of your website content and imagery: the website structure may be changed where rebuilding of sections is not required, and imagery that requires editing to then be able to utilise is not included in the unlimited offer.

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Does Digital Marketing work?

Many companies look at a search engine ranking position for their website (where they appear on search pages), and having searched for themselves many times, usually by company name, appear at the top: is this the case for your next potential customer that does not yet know your brand name?

  • SEO puts your business in the hands of those looking for your services and goods.
  • SEO is a constant battle for recognition - achieving tangible results can take months, once this stage is reached however the growth in business can be exponential.
  • Appearing in local listings will drive potential customers to your mailbox and telephone lines, maybe even to your door.
  • Most content-driven SEO (maybe 1/4 of the SEO approach) can be done by the company in-house. Utilising the skills of heavily experienced SEO technicians leads to colossal improvements in output.

So, the remaining question is, when do you want to start being noticed?