A few extras, for good measure

Our business relationship with you often finds us in deeper talks about your long-term strategies and existing obstacles slowing progress as well as other IT related aspects currently causing headache.

We saw that it was pertinent of us to provide further assistance to those of you needing IT Support, in-house Maintenance Training, design services and more.

If you cannot see below a solution to an issue that is impacting your progress, let us know and we will see if we can ease the burden and see your business recommence the pace it enjoyed before.


IT Support

from £ 37 /hour

Our IT Technician will review your request and establish a solution that meets your needs, visiting your premises to implement the work required or completing this task remotely where possible.
Whether it is something as small as setting up email clients or extensive like installing a local network for your office suite, we are quite capable of taming what may seem right now like an intolerable nightmare.

Our hourly fee is £37, we also offer monthly subscription packages as well, please enquire for more details.

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Email Support

just £ 2.50 /month/account

Apple Mail, iOS Mail, Android Mail, GMail, Thunderbird, Outlook, Exchange, IMAP, POP, Incoming & Outgoing server addresses, junk management, HTML5 / CSS3 signatures - just some of the areas we visit daily with our bespoke email support packages.

We will ensure your emails are up and running and set up across all of the devices you need them setting up on - we can do this in person or step by step over the phone to give you piece of mind that everything works just the way it should. Need to migrate or backup your email data? We cover that too. Ask us for more info using the form link below.

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Maintenance Training

from £ 199 /session

Website maintenance is key in today's constantly evolving online marketplace. Whether updating content or code libraries, keeping on top of these things makes sure your website displays correctly and meets the expectations of current and prospective customers.

We offer in-house training for you and your team so that you can enjoy your website to the fullest. If you wish to discuss our services for website maintenance training please enquire via the button below.

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Logo Design

from £ 75

A professional business logo will allow your brand to be recognised in a swift glance - your title is important, your logo is even more so.
Getting your logo designed by our team yields a design that you will have guided the sculpting & delivery of from the very beginning. All royalties are owned by you once you have arrived at a design you are pleased with, and we will transfer to you the vector files so that the logo can be printed clearly to any physical size imaginable.

If you are looking to get your logo design journey started, please let us know what you're looking for by clicking the button below.

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Business Card Design

only £ 50

We are sure there have been business cards handed to you that have caught your eye, and then those that really fell short of the mark.
We design to your requirements and to your budget when it comes to printing - with your guidance, together we will imagine and bring to reality the business card design you have envisioned and can see professionally representing you and your business.

What do we recommend: matte-silk, 800gsm card with spot UV (when used) applied tactfully - let us know what your design particulars are and we can get started straight away.

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Flyer Design

from £ 70 (size: A5)

Our teams truly love the design process - if you have an event scheduled and are yet to have your flyers designed then you can always tell us what you are looking to represent and let us get straight to work on it for you.

Our pricing starts at £70 for an A5 design (of course, you may print this to whichever size you choose) but if you're looking to have designs ideal for printing to other means like banners or larger poster-board designs then let us know and we'll get you our prices.

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from £ 0.10 /print

We utilise the services of a 3rd party for all of our client printing requirements and can pass on the savings and fast-turnaround to you as well. Printing business cards, flyers, posters and more is not an issue and our prints meet the quality mark every time.

If you are taking advantage of our design services, why not keep the full process in a single transaction with our printing services to complete the job.

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