The frequently asked questions

We get asked a lot of questions and we get back to all of them as fast as we can, if you cannot see the answer to your question below then please do not hesitate to get in touch and ask us your question.

Here are the popular questions

1Do you build ecommerce websites?
Yes. We build ecommerce websites and representational websites for many small and medium businesses in and around North Yorkshire. Alongside these we also build project management websites, websites for individuals looking to host their resumes online, and what is more, we can do this on many varying platforms so that you can manage the website content should you wish to.
2Can we meet you?
This question is asked quite often, usually by companies tired of dealing with website developers through a premium-rate telephone number only - yes we are happy to meet with you in person and discuss your needs. We enjoy maintaining our client-base over time so should you take us on please expect to see us quite frequently as we progress your projects.
3Can i pay in installments?
Payment for our services is offered in various ways: yes, we accept installments through direct debit and we accept payment in whole. All payments are made via BACs only. A written service agreement is established with each new client and a payment option is disclosed on this once discussed and agreed upon.
4How long are your contracts?
The answer to this often asked question depends on the service: hosting is annual and we invite our clients to renew 90 days in advance - website building is not contractual at all and is a single service - digital marketing and website care packages are offered on a monthly rollover service agreement.

Digital marketing questions

1How long does it take?
Paid adverts are almost instant - the purse is open and the visits start coming in as soon as the advert is live. Organic digital marketing takes a lot longer, but is an investment into the brand and ensures the searches from users looking for your services or goods continue to show your business for a long time to come.
2Will you need my input?
We always establish a campaign plan prior to putting the plan into action, this is where we need your steering. Once we have a clear understanding of our client's expectations and targets we commence our work. We maintain constant contact with our clients throughout all live marketing campaigns, seeking their input and additional steering as and when that is required.
3Can i use my existing website content?
With SEO campaigns we optimise the content as one of our optimsation techniques, this often involves rewriting some content to better meet the standards that will allow it to then be indexed correctly and work in your favour to better represent the website, the business and the brand, all in all ensuring the website starts to show in search results where desired.

Website building questions

1How long does it take?
Development follows a general path in that the skeleton of the site, or the wireframing, is completed first once a client has agreed the website design. This can take as little as 2 weeks. Therein over the coming weeks our teams apply content and working closely with the client mold the website as it develops to ensure the finished product is exactly what the client's vision entailed. Website size is the main factor in calculating time, as such we avoid hard timelines.
2Will you need my input?
A website's content is often the most difficult factor to establish, a client's input into what the website's pages should say about the company, the person or the product is vital in many scenarios. Imagery can be sought by us with the client's permission.
3Can i use my existing website content?
If you already have a website and simply want to update, redesign or completely rework that website, we work towards utilising the content that you want to recycle. Poor quality imagery is the main hurdle, in which case we adapt designs accordingly or find replacement imagery when necessary.

Website care questions

1Why bother backing up website files?
Whilst our hosting services boast a 99.8% uptime and our file security is second-to-none, the benefits of having a frequent backup are endless. A backup will allow us to implement a days-old copy of the website files and database should anything threaten the website's content.
2How long is the contract?
We do not apply contracts. A rolling monthly agreement is our operational proceedure for Website Care, with cancellation served through a 30-day notice.
3Can i maintain my website myself?
Absolutely. All you need is either platform access, server access, or both depending on your website structure and code-base. Our websites can be hosted on your own servers or ours. Server access is available to all our clients when not utilising shared hosting services. We offer full website maintenance training if your business feels more comfortable keeping this in-house.

Website hosting questions

1Can i move my existing hosting to you?
Yes. We would support you on the transfer from beginning to end when moving your hosting to one of our website hosting packages. Moving a website is managed by our server teams for a hassle-free experience.
2Will you help me with email setup?
Absolutely, setting up email accounts can be awful. Setting up your email services comprises of your username, password and some server details, it is a pain-free as possible. Should you find any difficulty we assist with all elements of email setup so that you can be up and running in no time and without the worry and hassle of searching for solutions on your own. We can do this remotely, over the telephone or even in person where locality allows.
3Can i get more hosting?
Hosting packages can be up-scaled at any time if the requirement comes. We handle all of the settings on your behalf so that you don't have to worry about a thing.